Copper leaves hummingbird feeder

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A mobile moves gracefully around a faceted hummingbird feeder.

The leaves around the hummingbird feeder, are made of flamed copper and brass. 

The color and the pattern of the leaves vary with the sun light as they move around the feeder. 

Often, the leaves align with the breeze. The bottom of them occasionally hit the suspended copper pipe, creating a subtle sound. 

The copper pipe under the feeder is also flamed to bring out colors from oxidation.

This yard art is a hummingbird feeder, a mobile, and a chime.

Size is Approx. 30" wide x 39" tall.

Handmade in the USA California, by the artist Jonno.

A JonnoSignature creation

Signed "Jonno"

Hummingbird flying around

Check out this great video